farmers’ market

My parents drove up from LA a few weeks ago, and the first thing my mom said when she got here was “I want to go to the Alemany Farmers’ Market tomorrow.” I’d taken my mom once before, but she has a notoriously bad memory for names so I was shocked that she’d made such […]

I spent most of my weekend at the Outside Lands Festival on a free pass because I volunteered at the farmers’ market booth there. In addition watching some amazing performers for free, I also received four pints of organic strawberries and raspberries from one of the farmers. But I can’t eat that many berries, and

Last Sunday, I hosted a kitchen equipment swap – inspired by a similar event run by 18 Reasons – at the Inner Sunset Farmers Market. I’d thought this would be a great way to give the market a more neighborhood feel – neighbors sharing their resources with each other. I’d originally envisioned the swap as

Apparently, this is what happens when you don’t pick and eat all your artichokes. Artichokes and flowers? What a great combination. Hopefully they’ll last until the next neighborhood farmers market.

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