I’m selling my friend’s vintage silverware set in my vintage etsy shop. It’s quite lovely and it would make a great wedding gift for the right couple. I use my silver every day. It used to sit in a box in a closet, but it seemed like such a waste to wait until a special […]

I really must get around to adding this dress to my vintage etsy shop soon. It’s just too good. But it’s been hanging in my studio for months now – I need to model it, I need to photograph it, I need to measure it – and, you know, I’ve been busy. It does fit

I just listed a couple of items in my vintage etsy shop, and sold one of them yesterday. I do still have this gorgeous, teal leather jewelry case. If it doesn’t sell, I’ll have to keep it for myself (but I do hope it will go to another, better home). Also, I read this blog

Back in the Eighties, my dad worked for JVC and was sent to Tokyo for management training. One of the items he brought back was a gorgeous, navy blue, Hanae Mori scarf, which was given to him for my mom by one of his Japanese colleagues. My mom explained that Hanae Mori was one of

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