I bought this bag over a year ago at the Alameda Flea Market. It was in a box with a bunch of fabric scraps, and when I asked the vendor how much it was, I secretly braced myself for a quote that was way out of my price range. He responded “Oh, fifteen dollars.” I […]

Nostalgic images of the Dutch must have been popular 50 or so years ago, because I’ve started noticing vintage items adorned with Dutch boys and girls – or with windmills – everywhere lately. I found this sweet little envelope-style cross-stitched bag recently and have just added it to my vintage etsy store. I shipped out

I’ve been having so much fun scavenging for items for my etsy vintage store, jenandjake. I unearthed a large stash of vintage crochet patterns. Most are of doilies (a friend and I joked about starting a theme park called “Doilywood”), but one spectacular book features crochet necktie patterns. Can you imagine making your man a

Vintage leaves plate I’ve opened a new etsy shop, Jen and Jake, to sell some of my vintage finds. Here’s a peek: Set of four plastic trays These trays are so unusual. They’re just big enough for a sandwich, and the drink slot is padded with spiral paper. TWA coffee mugs This set makes me

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