A new etsy shop

I’ve opened a new etsy shop, Jen and Jake, to sell some of my vintage finds. Here’s a peek:

These trays are so unusual. They’re just big enough for a sandwich, and the drink slot is padded with spiral paper.

This set makes me think of the stewardess joke “coffee, tea, or me?” Actually, it makes me think of my brother’s R-rated riff on the joke. I won’t share that here.

If I didn’t already have so many plates, I’d keep this one. I’ve been looking for more info on it online and it seems it was part of a dinner set. Can you imagine a whole set of these plates?

I’ll continue to add more finds to the shop so keep checking back!

UPDATE April 28, 7:30pm: I’ve sold the vintage leaves plate and the Mikasa mid-century plate (yay!) and have uploaded a couple more items this evening. I have some cute Vera napkins that will go up tomorrow. This is so much fun!

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  1. Hi Jen — it’s Basak’s friend Patricia. We had dinner last night & she told me about your Michelle Obama paper dolls. What a fantastic idea and, as I saw when I checked out your etsy store today, it’s so well executed. I was inspired to stop by here & pay my compliments. Might need to schedule another Alameda Flea Market outing…

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