san francisco

It started with a plain gray bench in front of my apartment building. Fancier, more colorful benches soon appeared on other blocks. At first I resisted the benches – those are the kinds of things that attract homeless squatters in my park-side neighborhood – but quickly noticed how much the benches changed the way people […]

Jake and I were walking around Golden Gate Park yesterday, and wandered into the Bandshell area, which was being transformed into a city of stick structures by families and couples who were out enjoying the fine weather (and celebrating Valentine’s Day and the Lunar New Year). This sudden construction appeared to be completely impromptu, inspired

Inspired by a neighbor, I decided to walk the four-ish miles to the office yesterday. Four miles isn’t as far as you’d think – it took me just over an hour – and it certainly wasn’t a difficult walk, even by San Francisco standards. What it was was relaxing. And pretty. And a chance to

I went to the Museum of Craft and Folk Art last night for the Open Source Embroidery opening bash. In addition to checking out the exhibit, I bartended a bit, chatted with the lovely ladies of the museum, and took some photos of the museum store. Oh, I wish I’d written down the name of

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