san francisco

I was having lunch with friends in the Yerba Buena Gardens by my office, and mentioned that every time I contemplate a move back to LA, I realize I would miss the public spaces that abound in San Francisco. Whether by design or by accident, large and small open spaces abound in San Francisco. The […]

I grew up in Los Angeles, and even though I lived in the heart of the city, every house had a front yard, and all my neighbors took great pride in their lawns and gardens. Now that I live in San Francisco, I rarely see a front lawn, but I’m constantly amazed at all the

The Bandshell is one of my favorite areas in Golden Gate Park. Elderly Chinese-Americans practice tai chi in the morning, teenagers perform clumsy skateboard moves on the stairs, and swing dancers meet to practice their moves during Sunday “Lindy in the Park.” Yesterday, a few kids decided to add their own chalk art to the

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