I’m one of those people who loves Christmas. Not the crazy shopping, overeating part of the holiday, but the part that’s about spending time with family and close friends, celebrating over meals, and giving small (but meaningful) gifts. Perhaps because I grew up in a religious family, where the Christmas season brought Christmas concerts and […]

I had grand plans for my holiday card/gift this year, but my impending unemployment made me think twice about spending too much money (I know, I’m not stimulating the economy; however, I have provided Peapod Fabrics with a steady stream of income of late). Instead, I decided to adapt these birds and make them into

I’ve become something of an embroidery addict. It’s cheap, it’s fairly easy, and it’s really relaxing. Anyway, my lovely friend Basak just had a beautiful baby girl named Lula. Lula gets to be the recipient (victim?) of my second-ever embroidery project. Yes, it’s also a spinsterish hobby, but whatever. At least I’m not knitting sweaters

One of my oldest friends is having a baby. She’s not really the girly-girl, baby shower type (I don’t think she had a bridal shower, and her wedding rehearsal was on the beach two hours before the ceremony itself – everyone just showed up to the rehearsal in their swimsuits). So, she was definitely not

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