Spinster Auntie Jen’s Tower of Baby Shower Gifts

One of my oldest friends is having a baby. She’s not really the girly-girl, baby shower type (I don’t think she had a bridal shower, and her wedding rehearsal was on the beach two hours before the ceremony itself – everyone just showed up to the rehearsal in their swimsuits). So, she was definitely not thrilled about sitting through three hours of games and blue balloons (she’s having a boy).

Oh, and did I mention this party started at 5 pm and included alcoholic beverages? I wanted to hug her.

Anyway, I tried to find gifts that would least cause her to freak out. I realize that I am going to soon become known as Spinster Auntie Jen, because I gave the Monkey (as he’s now known) books. Yes, that’s right – I bought books for someone who won’t be able to read for at least four years. Jake did his part and gave a doggy bank full of change. Oh, and I bought Peepee Teepees. they are absolutely necessary for anyone who’s about to have a boy.

So, the list of spinster gifts:

All lovingly wrapped in whatever paper I had in the house. I was finally able to finish off the industrial-sized roll of paper I bought from Kelly Paper four years ago!

All accomplished with minimal cutesiness on my part, and very little freak-out on the mom-to-be’s part.

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