This is how we eat jam at Jen and Jake central – with a spoon. Oh, and with leftover scones I just happened to have handy. But eating this batch of rhubarb-strawberry preserves with a spoon is almost required. This is the first time I’ve ever cooked rhubarb – and the first time I’ve ever […]

My dad grew up in a poor, single-mother family in LA during the Fifties. Every Sunday, the family would walk to church, along roads that were bordered by empty lots (this is before LA became the overdeveloped city it is today) where collard greens often grew wild. My dad and his siblings would leave the

In addition to making coasters and napping yesterday, I made Filipino empanadas. I’d boiled a couple of chickens this past weekend so that I’d have broth for chicken noodle soup (how prescient, as I have a cold now) and had a lot of boiled chicken leftover. I added potatoes, peas and raisins to the boiled

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