I don’t know why, but I’ve had strong cravings for kimchee lately. Kimchee is one of those dishes that I usually eat as a special LA treat – my family and I head to one of many Korean barbecue places in my parents’ neighborhood to gorge on table-grilled bulgogi. And while I do love grilled […]

I’d been planning to can tomatoes for a month or so, but hadn’t actually gotten around to buying the tomatoes. Turned out I didn’t need to buy any – after I finished my farmers’ market volunteer shift yesterday, one of the farmers gave me a box of tomatoes. A 20-pound box of tomatoes. Using just

I hosted my first cooking class this past Sunday – Jams 101. I had five students (which is a full class, given the size of my kitchen) and was so busy that I forgot to take photos. Forgot to take photos! That never happens. So here are a couple of post-lesson photos. We made strawberry-rhubarb

In preparation for my August caramels and candy class, I made a test batch of sea salt caramels. I’ve made these countless times before, but hadn’t done so in the last two years, so I thought I needed to brush up on my skills. I used my own personal variation of this recipe. This time

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