We’re jamming

I hosted my first cooking class this past Sunday – Jams 101. I had five students (which is a full class, given the size of my kitchen) and was so busy that I forgot to take photos. Forgot to take photos! That never happens. So here are a couple of post-lesson photos.

We made strawberry-rhubarb jam and plum jam, then sat down to have tea and scones and a nice rosé. Four pints of strawberries, one pound of rhubarb, four pounds of plums, 15 cups (gasp!) of sugar, and five students yielded 20 jars of jam. Not bad for a few hours’ work.

Next up – I’m going to try a zucchini relish recipe a friend gave me. Well, after I make a peach cobbler (a real one, with biscuit topping!).

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