A few podcasts that have inspired me recently: The Urban Forest Healing Center on Soundprint – this reminded me that going for walks is a great way for me to ground myself when I’m stressed or struggling with a problem. No, sitting at my desk and trying to figure it out isn’t as effective as […]

Almost every morning, Jake and I walk in Golden Gate Park. Our path is largely the same each time. We walk under a small grove of redwood trees which, having collected moisture from the air throughout the night to irrigate  themselves, plop large drops of water on our heads. We walk past eucalyptus trees, our

Blue Mosque ceiling  The act of taking photos is so different when you’re an artist looking for inspiration, rather than a tourist hitting every required destination. Because my dad is a professional photographer, and my mom is a Filipina of a certain generation, childhood vacations became one, big photo opportunity. As kids, my brother and

  Along with the rest of the world, San Francisco has been having some pretty crazy weather lately. I’m not (really) complaining – California needs the water after years of drought – but I was getting tired of frosty mornings and rainy afternoons. Yesterday, the sun finally showed up. Yay! Not sure how long this

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