I live in a very special part of San Francisco, nestled between Mt. Sutro and Golden Gate Park. Walking around both landmarks is a regular part of my day – Gus and I go to the park twice a day, every day, and my gym is halfway up Mt. Sutro. But it wasn’t until last […]

Vera Neumann was a prolific artist who worked from the 40s until her death in 1993. She originally started by printing her own work on parachute silk and making it into scarves, then became the most-licensed artist of the 20th century. If, like me, you were born before 1980, odds are Vera products were a

“What inspires you?” “What is the inspiration behind this collection?” I get asked these questions a lot (there must be a book out there called “How to Talk to Artists”), and I can rarely answer them to the questioner’s expectations. I usually mumble something about doodling for a week, or cutting up pieces of paper

  I’m half on vacation in LA this week, so there’s no “My Self-Employed Life” post today. Instead, I thought I’d share this Creative Mornings video featuring Seth Godin. It’s been making its way around the internet, and for good reason. If you’ve heard Seth’s TED Talks, or read his blog, or listened to any

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