A few months ago, I posted a photo of potholders I’d made, inspired by Yoshko’s potholders. I got a few requests for a tutorial, to which I responded, “Make a potholder, then embroider it.” Just kidding. I’m more helpful than that. This past weekend, I decided to make some potholders for Sonya’s birthday, and I […]

I’ve been meaning to write a post about one of the simplest printmaking techniques I know for a while (it’s the same technique I used in my first 52 Weeks of Printmaking print). It’s a technique I learned from a class I took with Susan Schwake, and it’s my go-to method when I want to

Can back-to-school season be here already? I haven’t been in school in a very long time, and I have no kids to make me eagerly look forward to the first day of school, but I do love me some school supplies. Boxes of brand-new pencils, stacks of brightly-colored post-it notes, spiral notebooks with nary a

I’ve been sewing zippered bags for Renegade. It’s fun and all, but it takes time to sew so many bags. Every once in a while, I want a quick, simple sewing project. I saw this project on Purl Bee called The Twenty Minute Tote last week and thought it would be a cinch. It was!

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