The twenty(ish)-minute purse

I’ve been sewing zippered bags for Renegade. It’s fun and all, but it takes time to sew so many bags. Every once in a while, I want a quick, simple sewing project.

I saw this project on Purl Bee called The Twenty Minute Tote last week and thought it would be a cinch. It was! It didn’t take me twenty minutes to sew – more like forty, if you count cutting and pinning time – but it went quickly and allowed me to use my machine’s zigzag stitch.

This will probably end up as a lunch bag. Or a drawing supplies bag. Or a gift bag. I have so many tote bags, but I can’t help myself.

You can make your own variations – I didn’t have as much linen as the directions called for, and I used twill tape instead of cotton webbing. Instructions are here.

1 thought on “The twenty(ish)-minute purse”

  1. Hi Jen…Easy peasy eh? I couldn’t believe it !
    You did a nice job on the tutorial too !
    Thank you so much, you rock !

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