work in progress

I’ve toiled over new styles and new directions, only to have had them fall flat and remain unsold. I’ve worked quickly to create designs that take off for no apparent reason. And I’ve come to this realization: you never can tell. I’ve pounded out a lot of work in the past three years. I couldn’t […]

Why, hello there. Yes, I know it’s been a long time since I blogged. The last two weeks have been crazy – I took on two, new client projects and found myself way more underwater than I’d expected. But anyway. I have made a little time to print. Here are a couple of works in

I spent Saturday prepping my screens and Sunday printing. And printing was going really well until I discovered that the gold ink I was using wasn’t opaque – which would have been fine if I had been super exact when I set up the registration (alignment, for all you non-printmakers) on my transparencies. I’m usually

I really am going to print this soon. I was all packed and ready to go to the studio to expose my screens tonight when I remembered that it was closed for MLK Day. Instead, I stayed home and worked on concepts for a large, one-color peacock print. Mr. Peacock will be printed soon. Promise.

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