local soul

I was feeling kind of silly for not having a good biscuit recipe. I mean, what kind of self-respecting black girl doesn’t have a working biscuit recipe in her repertoire? My friend Rose, who knew nothing of my despair, asked me the other day if I had a biscuit recipe, then offered me hers when […]

When I was a kid growing up in LA, my Granny would make peach cobblers all summer long. She had a peach tree, which supplied her with the ingredients for her cobblers (she also had a lemon tree, which supplied one ingredient of her special “lemonade” – vodka with lemon and ice – but that’s

It all started, as things so often do in my life, with a fried chicken dinner. I was wooing a guy, who happened to be the general manager of a local, fancy restaurant, with a dinner of fried chicken, mac n cheese and greens sauteed in bacon fat. He leaned back in his chair, sighed,

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