Jake died on December 20th. He died at time of big changes in my life – move, career transition, start of a new business, start of my late 30s. I’ve already said “farewell” to my childhood home and my sweet dog; soon, I’ll probably see my 95-year-old Grammy’s death. This year has been hard. I […]

I put Jake to sleep this morning. He entered my life on October 22, 2005 and left it on December 20, 2012. Rest in Peace, Julius Caesar “Jake” Hewett.

Today is my 38th birthday. I had a post specifically for this occasion, but then Jake got very, very sick. His heart, already working overtime due to a heart murmur, is now so enlarged that it’s knocking up against his lungs. After a long day at the ER, Jake is at home, resting, and is

  I’d never had a proper photoshoot with Jake (because I didn’t want to admit I was one of those people) until this year. Since it’s likely Jake’s last year with me, I commissioned Stef to take some photos of us for a holiday card, and for gifts for my family (Mom, if you’re reading

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