Almost seven years ago, when I had the post-vacation blues and felt like I’d changed, but my life was still the same, a friend sent me a photo of a small dog with ridiculous ears and told me to adopt him. She said once I got him, everything would be better. So I did. And […]

  Along with the rest of the world, San Francisco has been having some pretty crazy weather lately. I’m not (really) complaining – California needs the water after years of drought – but I was getting tired of frosty mornings and rainy afternoons. Yesterday, the sun finally showed up. Yay! Not sure how long this

I’m having possibly the mellowest NYE and New Year’s Day ever. I don’t believe that how you ring in the New Year is representative of how you’ll spend the rest of the year (lord knows I’ve had a few hungover January 1sts with a relatively sober rest of the year), so I’ve been pretty content

…but the dog inside’s delightful… Jake and I are in LA for Christmas, where the weather has been nuts. The street on one side of my parents’ house flooded, with almost a foot of water spilling over from the street onto the sidewalk (and the lawn). It was pretty cool, but I was very glad

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