One of the benefits of taking an extended vacation was that I could spread my sightseeing out over days, giving me ample time to just sit and paint. Every day, I’d go out and visit museums or markets or walk along the coast, and every afternoon, I’d return to my apartment and paint. It became […]

I’m not a fearless traveler. I don’t bounce into a country, speak a new language badly but confidently, adventurously trek into backstreet restaurants and proceed to try the most ethnic dish on the menu. No, that’s not me. I can be timid. It can take me days to warm up, to feel comfortable in new

Blue Mosque ceiling  The act of taking photos is so different when you’re an artist looking for inspiration, rather than a tourist hitting every required destination. Because my dad is a professional photographer, and my mom is a Filipina of a certain generation, childhood vacations became one, big photo opportunity. As kids, my brother and

I am so grateful. Let me back up. Almost a year ago, I started thinking about taking some time off to travel to Istanbul. I had no clue how I was going to make it happen, but I figured the trip would work itself out. Then I decided to fund the trip through a combination

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