My first “Pop-up” shop of 2012 is open, and it includes my Istanbul-inspired collection, Turkish Delight. Yes, the name is totally cheesy. Sorry. Rest assured I’m owing the cheese. I promise to come up with something more original the next time around. Anyway. Aren’t the prints pretty? Are you excited that they’re finally available? Don’t […]

Istanbul prints are all done. Emails to my sponsors – asking them to choose which one they’d like – have been sent. Photographs have been taken and etsy listings have been written. I’ll be re-opening my shop – with the new prints, after my sponsors have chosen which they want – soon. 2012. I’m ready

I printed this little pomegranate. Just one more print to go, and my Istanbul collection will be ready for my sponsors (and any extras will go in my shop). The last two months have been so hectic because I’ve had a lot of consulting work. But I’m scaling back in 2012, and working with way

Here’s the second batch of sponsor paintings (you can see the first batch here). I sent all the sponsor paintings this weekend. I miss them already.  This project was such a good exercise for me. I had to work quickly, I had to develop new ideas (often variations on a theme) regularly, and I had

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