I bought myself an inexpensive bouquet of flowers from the neighborhood florist last week. As the shop owner started to wrap my bouquet in mounds of pink tissue paper, I told her, “The flowers are for me and I’m just going a block. You don’t need to wrap them up.” She looked at me and […]

I’ve noticed that many etsy vendors not only wrap their orders beautifully, but also include a little freebie in the box. This forces me to up my game – I now take the time to wrap everything. But until now, I didn’t have any cute, little freebies. And then I noticed a pile of misprints

Last Sunday, I hosted a kitchen equipment swap – inspired by a similar event run by 18 Reasons – at the Inner Sunset Farmers Market. I’d thought this would be a great way to give the market a more neighborhood feel – neighbors sharing their resources with each other. I’d originally envisioned the swap as

Not having a job means not buying new clothes. And while not exactly a shopaholic, I do like a little variety every once in a while. Wearing the same jeans and blouses every day had gotten really boring, and most of my work clothes are pretty dresses and skirts that (1) require expensive dry cleaning,

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