I finally gave up on tea towels after three tortuous evenings of screenprinting them. I never managed to get a second color down, so my slightly-sloppy towels will be repurposed. Into gifts for my mom and aunts. Or, perhaps, into items for the bargain bin at Renegade. I decided to silkscreen more linen, this time […]

(hmm… I need to clean my stove) Almost everything that could have gone wrong at the studio this week did. I finally got around to printing tea towels. But who knew that towels were so large, or that they were so tedious to print? I won’t bore you with the details. The towels are supposed

After a year and a half of screenprinting on paper, I finally printed on fabric last night – and the results are so good! Printing on fabric is only slightly more laborious than printing on paper. The ink I’m using requires heat setting after it dries – which means I have to iron each piece

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