Fabric foibles

(hmm… I need to clean my stove)

Almost everything that could have gone wrong at the studio this week did. I finally got around to printing tea towels. But who knew that towels were so large, or that they were so tedious to print? I won’t bore you with the details. The towels are supposed to have a second color – and they may still get that color – but I was so frustrated by 8 pm last night that I quit before I had a tea towel-induced meltdown. The khaki linen-cotton fabric was printed on a lark and I like the way it turned out. I might make bags out of that fabric. But, oh, those tea towels…

One of the other artists asked me what was up with tea towels. When I said I didn’t understand his question, he responded, “My wife is English. Her family is always giving us tea towels. I don’t get why we need them.” “Oh,” I said. “Tea towels are all a part of modern, ironic domesticity.” He was satisfied with that answer.

Personally, I’m tired of ironic domesticity today. I’m contemplating spending my morning drinking Bloody Marys and listening to my Patsy Cline Pandora station. “I Fall to Pieces” is playing right now. Indeed, Patsy.

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