Spots and dots

I finally gave up on tea towels after three tortuous evenings of screenprinting them. I never managed to get a second color down, so my slightly-sloppy towels will be repurposed. Into gifts for my mom and aunts. Or, perhaps, into items for the bargain bin at Renegade.

I decided to silkscreen more linen, this time with dots. In one color. And I’m so happy with the results. I did two versions of this bag, one with teal dots and another with melon dots. The melon print is still drying at the studio. I’ll upload these items to etsy this afternoon, after I’ve picked up the melon print and have sewn it into a bag.

Next up? Maybe something on pink linen… or the buttons I’ve only been talking about for weeks (Um, have I been talking about them? I forget). Renegade is in two weeks!

UPDATE: bags available here.

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