Printed my chevron pattern in blue and pink on khaki linen today. Now I’m trying to figure out what to do with the fabric – make pocket squares, sew some zippered pouches, make a tote bag. I’d like to make something that uses both colors. I’d also like to make some coordinating cards that I’ll […]

I decided to spend today sewing instead of going to the studio. I have all this printed linen and so many projects I want to use it in; the drizzly weather is perfect for staying in and making stuff. Now that I’ve finished this bag, I’ll start working on a bird mobile made with my

I finished all three colors of my first pocket squares print this week. I haven’t actually sewn the pocket squares yet – the top thread tension on my sewing machine is off (yes, it’s a new machine, but I think this problem is mine and not the machine’s) – but I’ll probably hand sew a

My mom kept walking in and out of my room this morning while I was sewing these lavender sachets. Finally, she said “I could really use some of these sachets for the linen closet.” Which cracked me up – my mom is so rarely direct about what she wants. I told her that she could

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