creative process

A sunny window will do.     My transparencies are done. Now I’m making sure the ink is opaque and the borders are clean. And since the UPS guy just delivered my huge order of paper, I can go to the studio and expose my screens for my newest collection!

I started running again recently. This wasn’t a New Year’s resolution (I tend not to believe in those, except for the “always wear matching underwear” one I’d made a few years ago that I’ve, incredibly, been able to keep). Rather, at Christmas dinner my uncle asked me if I still ran, reminding me that my

A little birdie (or two) told me it’s okay to quit a project that isn’t working. I printed a couple of prototypes of my 2011 calendar – and didn’t like them. And then I sat down to draw – just for fun – and a whole new calendar came out of me. With birds. I

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