creative process

Registering (or aligning) prints can be nerve-wracking work at first. It’s simpler on paper, with its hard edges and low cost. But when you work with fabric, which is so much more elastic and expensive, the stakes are higher. But soon you fall into a groove. Registering and printing become almost Zen-like. There’s something calming […]

Recently, I’ve received a couple of inquiries from people in their twenties asking for advice on becoming a working artist. Each inquiry seems to imply that there’s a secret to success that those of us who are trying to make it as working artists know (but are hiding from everyone else). To quote one of

I’ve toiled over new styles and new directions, only to have had them fall flat and remain unsold. I’ve worked quickly to create designs that take off for no apparent reason. And I’ve come to this realization: you never can tell. I’ve pounded out a lot of work in the past three years. I couldn’t

    This past weekend was my first commitment-free one in a long time. I’ve been spending most of my weeknights drawing (one hour of drawing per night is my new, self-imposed mandate) and just needed an uninterrupted stretch of time to flesh my ideas out.     I’m very pleased with idea #1. I’ll

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