Last year, after I ended up with more misprinted linen calendars than usable ones, I vowed never to print another linen calendar again. I won’t go into the technical difficulties of properly aligning two colors on a large piece of fabric, but trust me when I say the experience printing was that traumatic. So what’s […]

A new calendar for a new year. And a new direction for me. I’ve crammed an awful lot of change into 2010; I’m excited about what 2011 will bring. I’ve been a lot slower with new prints and products lately, and I’m okay with that. My work is going in a new direction – I’m

I’ve been a bad blogger lately. I suppose I’ve been busy working on new products, looking for a job and gearing up for holiday shows. Or I’ve just been lazy. Well, not really lazy.I did manage to print two new products – a 2010 calendar featuring my fishnets print and some galoshes notecard. Most of

My calendar is finally almost-finished and I really like it. I put together a couple of samples today and will tweak the layout a little before shipping them out on October 20th. Laying out the pages took a little longer than I’d expected since I decided to draw the calendar by hand. I’m so excited

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