I finished both blankets I was commissioned to make. I’ll ship them off tomorrow. And my sewing machine wasn’t broken. I was just using the wrong type of thread. Bah. It cost me $69.50 to find out that my thread was too heavy. At least I’m doing my part to stimulate the economy.

“Oh my god,” you’re probably thinking to yourself, “will she ever stop with the birds?” Well, possibly. Or maybe not. I was commissioned to make two baby blankets and three bird mobiles for a friend who has to attend many baby showers this spring. This blanket is for an already-born baby boy; he has bright

I’ve become something of an embroidery addict. It’s cheap, it’s fairly easy, and it’s really relaxing. Anyway, my lovely friend Basak just had a beautiful baby girl named Lula. Lula gets to be the recipient (victim?) of my second-ever embroidery project. Yes, it’s also a spinsterish hobby, but whatever. At least I’m not knitting sweaters

One of my oldest friends is having a baby. She’s not really the girly-girl, baby shower type (I don’t think she had a bridal shower, and her wedding rehearsal was on the beach two hours before the ceremony itself – everyone just showed up to the rehearsal in their swimsuits). So, she was definitely not

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