The day before the SF Renegade show, I decided to make a half-apron using my Palmer Method linen. You know – because I had so much free time. But the minimal time I spent sewing was worth it; the apron was quite practical. I stored my phone, some business cards, and a half-eaten sandwich in […]

Christmas is in a couple of weeks, and I haven’t finished making my Christmas presents for my family. But I did manage to complete this apron three weeks ago. Yes, I’ve had this apron lying around for three weeks and I hadn’t posted it until today. I found a cute, vintage buckle among my fabric

I really couldn’t resist this brown fabric. When I saw it, a little voice popped into my head and said “apronnnn… apronnnn…” so I just had to buy a yard of it. One yard of this fabric and half a yard of the periwinkle Kona cotton are enough to make two of these aprons! Now,

I love aprons. I wear them all the time when I’m at home, even if I’m not cooking or cleaning (they keep the dog fur off one’s clothes). But, until now, I’d only had utilitarian – but bland – aprons. Enter rainy weather and some extra yards of cotton. I’ve heard that the first thing

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