Apron madness!

I love aprons. I wear them all the time when I’m at home, even if I’m not cooking or cleaning (they keep the dog fur off one’s clothes). But, until now, I’d only had utilitarian – but bland – aprons.

Enter rainy weather and some extra yards of cotton. I’ve heard that the first thing you learn to sew in home ec is an apron (or a drawstring bag if you’re a boy), but since I went to a fancy, progressive girls’ school, I didn’t have home ec. So I had to improvise and make up my own pattern.

I made the chartreuse and pink half-apron first, then realized that making a full-apron wasn’t any more difficult and made the polka-dot apron next. Each required just a yard of fabric; the bulk of my time was spent cutting and ironing rather than sewing.

For some real apron porn, check out Tie One On. No, no, it’s not naughty. It’s full of apron goodness.

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