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I wrote tangentially about what I’m calling my “new old studio” before I’d fully moved into it last week. It’s mostly set up now, and it’s the cleanest it will be for the next six months, so here are a few photos. After printing in a much tinier space, cutting fabric on the floor, and […]

When I moved to San Francisco in 1996, I hadn’t planned to settle down here. The city was merely a stop on my way to something else – law school, a Fulbright, maybe a few years in New York or Paris or London. I had moved here because it was an affordable, walkable city in

As you’ve probably figured out. I’m a highly visual and a very tactile person. I’m also fairly busy, juggling a lot of projects and tasks at any given time. But I’m not naturally organized, which means that I’ve had to create organizational systems that work with my, um, creative nature in order to stay on

  Etsy interviewed me about working in my teeny, tiny studio, and you can read all about it (and see tons more photos) on the Etsy Sellers blog. Huge thanks to Julie at Etsy for asking me to be a part of this series, and to Christopher Stark for the amazing photos. The full article

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