My Self-Employed Life

This is a piece I wrote for Mabel Magazine last year. The editors have kindly allowed me to re-post it here, with some edits. For the last six years, I’ve been a fairly successful working artist. And for the last five years, I’ve had a day job. (However, this piece isn’t about how I found […]

When I left my day job at the end of July so I could focus on my art career, I’d thought that this move would free up some of my time so I could create more. However, the opposite happened – opportunities quickly came along and filled my schedule. I suddenly realized that busy may

A couple of weeks ago, I paid off my 2013 California State taxes. I was on an installment plan, paying monthly, but I’d gotten a nice chunk of money from teaching a private class. Since I’d already paid all my other bills for the month, I figured I’d write a check to the state. I

A little over a year ago, Gus and I graduated from Reactive Rover class. Gus was hands-down the most difficult dog in the class, barking nonstop and requiring bags of treats to settle down. He was never called on to complete exercises in front of the class. I was in tears by the end of

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