My Kickstarter project was successful. I raised the money I needed, with a little bit extra on the side for an additional project, or if my costs were slightly higher than forecast. I didn’t blow it out of the water, but I got a little more than what I asked for. So, here are my […]

At 5:20 am on Thursday, November 8th, my Kickstarter project ended, and I had $6763 in pledges. To my 86 backers, as well as everyone who helped me spread the word about this project, thank you! I just realized today that I didn’t blog about the close of my Kickstarter project. That’s the funny thing

I have $679 left to raise for my Kickstarter project, which ends on Wednesday, November 8th. Thank you! I can’t believe I’ve raised so much for this project in such a short period of time. But, as you may or may not know, I will only receive money from Kickstarter if my project is 100%

My parents gave me a sewing machine for my thirteenth birthday. I didn’t really want to learn how to sew; I wanted to go to formal dances (yeah, I know). There was a girl in my class who went to a weekly, formal cotillion, and she sewed all her own dresses, patterning them after the

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