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A few weeks ago, Etsy shared photos of my tiny studio; today, Design*Sponge shared a tour of my home. I also talk about the evolution of my interior design tastes, and talk about what this home has meant to me. Design*Sponge was one of the first blogs I ever followed, and it’s still one of […]

I’ve been feeling the need to spruce things up in my home for some time but, because I’d planned to move to LA this spring, I’d put off making any big changes. Once I decided not to move for a while, I looked at my home and saw, once again, all the little things that

My once-breakfast nook is now my little print studio, and my dining table is often covered with works-in-progress, so I’ve been eating most meals on the floor of my living room lately. And while it’s convenient (Jake swoops in to eat anything I’ve dropped), it’s just not very civilized. So I decided to carve out

Trying to change my photo styling a bit, I pulled a little table I’d found on the street out of the closet and used it as a prop. And because I was too lazy – um, busy – yesterday to return the table to its storage place, I left it out. And I like it

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