52 Weeks of Printmaking

Week 52: Two-color block print on linen. Well, here we are. Week 52. I had all kinds of ideas of what the final print would be – something complex, something grand, something to segue into my 2015 project – but the print ended up being nothing like what I’d thought it would be. On Monday, […]

View this post on Instagram All 51 prints, in (mostly) chronological order, with one more to go! When I started this project in January, I had no clue what opportunities it would lead to. Thank you, everyone, for your support this year. I'll post the final print on December 31st. #52weeksofprintmaking A post shared by

Week 51: One-color block prints on linen and cotton. Here we are – the penultimate (I’ve been waiting 51 weeks to use that word) print! I thought it would be fun to make gift wrap, but after five minutes of printing on paper, I gave up. I just prefer printing on fabric. Thankfully, I have

Week 50: Two-color block print on linen. You guys! Two more weeks to go! I’ll write more about what this project has meant to me, and all the opportunities it’s opened up, but right now I have to finish making Christmas gifts for my family. I do have a new project for next year. If

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