The making of a bag

A few months ago, I was looking at photos from Renegade Craft Fair’s summer show, and saw a photo of a small zippered clutch that I’d contemplated buying for the reasonable price of $30. Under the photo, someone had commented:

“$30? EACH?!?!”

And, of course, that pissed me off. Mind you, it wasn’t my product (my bags actually cost a lot more), but whenever someone attacks the pricing on a well-made object, well, I get upset.

So, here’s a little video that shows you all the steps that go into sewing just one of my bags. If this bag were sewn by a factory – either here or abroad – a couple of steps might be skipped (for instance, the fabric would be cut perfectly before printing, pinning might not be done, and a an industrial iron would press the finished bag in one fell swoop), but there would still be a significant amount of labor involved. It’s something to think about the next time you buy an inexpensive, “fast fashion” piece of clothing, or poo-poo the “high” cost of something someone else has made.


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  1. Amen! As a maker of bags created using recycled leather, I can second the fact that each handmade bag is well worth it’s price and then some. Nice post.

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