These Incredibly Chic Women…

aleshiaIf you’re not one of my friends IRL, you may not know that I can be an, um, sassy (read: snarky and opinionated) person. That doesn’t often come through in my blog, and you can’t really tell from my work. But with all the time I got back after I started my social media diet, I sketched. A lot. Perhaps I was cranky from my Instagram reduction, or had gotten one too many skeevy pick-up lines – or perhaps I just wanted to let more of the “real” me show through – but I somehow ended up with sketches for a new series I’m tentatively calling “These Incredibly Chic Women Are Tired of Your Shit.” You can find said series here. I’ll update it regularly (because I have *so much* to say). Enjoy – and let me know what you think.

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