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It all started with a large purchase. A customer had bought four foldover clutches from me for her bridesmaids, and she wanted to confirm that she’d receive them before her wedding. She included a request – would I be able to customize the bags with a special label?

I responded that I thought I could print on the lining at this short of a notice, I quoted her a price, she agreed, and sent me the image she’d like printed. But printing on the lining proved difficult (and, frankly, just not as pretty as I had hoped), so I printed her image on linen to make labels, ripped the lining out, then sewed the labels into the new lining.


I was so engrossed in the project that I forgot to blog yesterday (oops – did you even notice?). And then I got so carried away that I printed on some twill tape, too, to make a custom ribbon.


The resulting bags were gorgeous. I hope the bride and bridesmaids like the results as much as I do so that I can keep making these, because I’m now offering custom wedding bags as a new product. Tell your friends! You can purchase these here.

Seriously, though, this was a fun project. It’s always good to work on something different and challenging, and then be pleased with the results.


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  1. Hello…
    I love your linen labels! I want to get printed custom linen ribbon so I can sew on a label to what I make. I can’t seem to find a source that will custom print on linen…

  2. Thanks! You could try contacting screenprinting studios in your area. Most of them print tshirts and posters, but may be open to printing on other items. You’ll probably have to provide the artwork and the blank ribbon. You could also get a custom stamp made and stamp the ribbon yourself. Good luck!

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