The teeniest, tiniest studio



My print studio, which used to be my breakfast nook, is just 57.13 square feet. Yes, I measured it. Yes, it’s tiny. But it is enough space for 12 screens, almost as many squeegees, a printing table, a chest of drawers that holds paper and fabric, and a shelves that contain miscellaneous supplies.



I recently rearranged my studio so that I had more room. It is far more spacious and organized than it has been in the past. At first, I wish I’d taken better photos of the room, or staged the room a bit to make the photos prettier. But then I thought “F*ck that. Messy work gets done in here. I’m going to keep it real.” And at 57.13 square feet, it’s hard to find a spot where I can take a good shot of the room. These photos show how my studio looks most days.


There are things I wish I had in my home studio – drying racks, a heat setter, and a place to wash my screens that isn’t my bathtub. Until I can afford a completely tricked-out studio, I’m happy to go to the big studio when I need these items, or when I print large runs. For the most part, my teeny tiny studio suits my needs. It’s cheap. The commute is great. Really, I can’t complain.

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