I am not afraid to live bravely.

I did something incredibly brave and crazy (and a tad foolish?) last week: I quit my job. A job that was the absolute wrong fit for me, a job that just thinking of made my stomach hurt, a job that left me so drained that I had little energy for my art.

I’d spent weeks agonizing over quitting. Could I afford to? Would I be able to find a new (day) job? What if my art didn’t sell? I looked for signs telling me it was okay to quit. No signs came (actually, many did, but I just didn’t recognize them as such at the time).

And suddenly, on a clear, sunny day, I stopped looking for signs and listened to my gut instead. So, with a bit of savings, a new, part-time job (working for a couple of organic food companies!), a whole slew of summer shows, and a renewed commitment to making art, I gave my notice.

Here’s how I know I did the right thing: I’ve felt no regrets. Bad economy and lousy job market be damned – since giving notice, I’ve felt nothing but a joyful peace.

I am not financially rich; I have just a few months’ worth of savings. But I have something far more valuable – resourcefulness. I know that my deep well of resourcefulness will always be full, that I will be able to make my own success, that I will thrive.

I know that I have just this one life. And I know, deep down, that I will be all right as long as I live by my values and use my talents.

I am not afraid to live bravely.

9 thoughts on “I am not afraid to live bravely.”

  1. I have been living bravely for quite a while now. You can do it. I wish you an amazing journey as you delve deeper into your art and those things that feed your soul.

  2. Bravo! As an artist stuck in a soul sucking day job, I hope sometime soon I may live as bravely as you.

    Thank you for your lovely musings…I’ve very much enjoyed your blog since I discovered it a few weeks ago. You seem to have such a calm sense of wonder about the world. This, and all of your other talents, will certainly help you thrive.

  3. Congratulations Jen! I did the same a couple of weeks ago and just after I gave notice, things started to develop themselves in the right direction… I felt so stuck in my situation before and then suddenly everything started to flow again.
    Wishing you all the best for your personal and artistic life! Be brave and may success be with you! Marlise

  4. beautifully written and congratulations! i took the risk two years ago and haven’t regretted it for one minute. and you are so right, you only have one life and far too much talent to waste in a unsatisfying job. bravo to you and for everyone living fearlessly! you won’t regret it.

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