Red, white and blue dessert

For a Fourth of July party, I made a super simple dessert: scones with strawberries, blueberries and chantilly cream. I had to cart the dessert to my friends’ house, so I just made all the various components and packed them up for assembly after dinner.

This possibly the easiest dessert ever:

  1. Start with scones.
  2. Chop berries, mix with a bit of sugar to pull the juices out.
  3. Whip cream, add a bit of powdered sugar and vanilla to taste.
  4. Slice scones in half, add berry mixture, then top with the cream.

You can also make this with brioche or challah or shortbread. It’s really all about the berries (and the cream) so just use the sweetest berries you can find. And the dessert goes great with sparkling wine.

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