The beauty of small changes

A big change happened in the world today. It’s been an emotional day for me, and I’ll write more about that later.

This post, however, is about small changes. Now that I’m unemployed, I’ve had time to do small things that will make a small – but perceptible – change in my life. This week’s work – planting my window boxes and the pots my mom gave me for Christmas.

I’ve never been able to grow anything successfully in my window boxes or in my kitchen. The closest I ever came was a beautiful sage bush that grew to about three feet tall before a gourmand raccoon stole it. Otherwise, either aphids or nesting pigeons or my chronic underwatering have killed my plants. As a result, most mornings I’d looked out my kitchen window to see barren window boxes. It wasn’t exactly the best way to start my day.

So, I decided to plant succulents. Aphids will leave them alone, no raccoon will want to eat them, and birds will find nesting there very uncomfortable.

My morning view is now so much better. It’s such a small change, but it’s made such a big difference in my mood as I start each day.

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