Steph’s Trojan Horse bag

My friend Steph has been working on her Trojan Horse bag for, oh, at least a year. I think my prolific craftiness infuriated her, and spurred her to finally finish the bag. That’s what I tell myself.

Anyway, what’s the story behind the Trojan horse bag? Well, Steph used to get forced to participate in craft nights. She decided that she wanted to make something practical… but she also has a morbid, dark sense of humor (other projects have included mashups of AARP Magazine copy). So, when thinking about the bag design, the Trojan popped into her head. Then she thought, “Why not a Trojan horse bag? The bag that you have to watch out for. When is a bag not just a bag?”

And then she got giddy. I remember fabric shopping with her. She asked the stuffy ladies at Britex for something that evoked an invasion. They were perplexed.

The bag turned out beautifully. I haven’t looked into it yet, lest I be attacked my hundreds of sandal-wearing gladiators. Hmm… then again, how bad could that be?

All images can be found here.

1 thought on “Steph’s Trojan Horse bag”

  1. According to Charlise, it’s been 2 years. Yikes!

    Your prolific craftiness did indeed spur me on. Surely, I told myself, I could finish 1 project to your 50.

    Now on to the bow ties…

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