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A few weeks ago, Etsy shared photos of my tiny studio; today, Design*Sponge shared a tour of my home. I also talk about the evolution of my interior design tastes, and talk about what this home has meant to me.

Design*Sponge was one of the first blogs I ever followed, and it’s still one of the (few) blogs I regularly read. It’s such an honor to share photos of my home with Design*Sponge’s readers.

You can read the piece here. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into my apartment!

Photos by Stefanie Renee Lindeen.



I’ve been feeling the need to spruce things up in my home for some time but, because I’d planned to move to LA this spring, I’d put off making any big changes. Once I decided not to move for a while, I looked at my home and saw, once again, all the little things that needed to be fixed.

At 1100 square feet, my apartment is spacious. It houses my tiny print studio (formerly the dining nook) and my home office. But it’s been feeling cluttered of late and, because I’ve been watching too many Swedish crime dramas in which at least one character lives in an immaculate, mid-century Scandinavian home, I noticed that my furniture arrangements look haphazard rather than carefully thought out.

It’s definitely time to freshen things up.

Thanks to a huge tax bill, I have no budget for new furniture or accessories. I need to make do with what I have (and luckily, what I do have tends to be of a good quality and design). So, starting with my living room, I moved some furniture around, adding in a shelf that was in my home office. The room is almost perfect now.

My home office is my next challenge. I’ve already set up a desk (that used to be in my living room) separate from my drawing table. And I’m converting one of my door tables into a fabric cutting/sewing table. Once that’s all done, my studio will be free of the bolts of fabric and sewing patterns that have been cluttering it, and then I can move onto fixing my bedroom.


This change feels really good. My home looks lighter, less cluttered, and it’s so much easier to be productive in a clean, beautiful space. One day, it may even look as perfect (to my eyes, at least) as something you might find in a well-produced Swedish drama.


Little (civilized) dining nook

My once-breakfast nook is now my little print studio, and my dining table is often covered with works-in-progress, so I’ve been eating most meals on the floor of my living room lately. And while it’s convenient (Jake swoops in to eat anything I’ve dropped), it’s just not very civilized.

So I decided to carve out a little dining area – complete with proper table – in my living room. In a move that’s very unlike deliberate-home-decorator me, I went to IKEA and bought the first non-melamine, small table under $40 I saw. This partly had to do with the fact that I was in a crowded IKEA on a Sunday (I suddenly remembered why, when you’re self-employed, you schedule regular tasks like grocery shopping and IKEA treks for a weekday morning), and partly to my own knowledge that if I gave myself a chance to think too hard about the purchase, I would.

It all worked out. The nook is cozy enough for meals, and functional enough to do some work. I can watch the pedestrians jaywalk outside my window – or watch yet another episode of “Without a Trace” (who knew that show had so many episodes?).

Plus, I moved Jake’s favorite rug underneath, ensuring that while I work or dine here, I’m never alone.

Change is good

Trying to change my photo styling a bit, I pulled a little table I’d found on the street out of the closet and used it as a prop. And because I was too lazy – um, busy – yesterday to return the table to its storage place, I left it out. And I like it a lot in that space.

Apparently, Jake likes it too. Then again, that dog can and will sleep anywhere. He also seems to like having easier access to the feathers in his bed because I keep finding feathers all over the apartment. At least I hope they’re from his pillow, and not from a stray goose that may have found its way into my apartment.