street finds

Jake and I went on an impromptu trip to Fort Funston yesterday. On the way back, I spotted this dresser on the street. Yes, my street finds luck continues. The dresser is a little beat up, but it’s perfect for my studio. I’d been looking for some kind of inexpensive flat files to store prints. […]

Yup – I happened to be in the right place at the right time again. I found this bench on the street as I walked back from a meeting in Cole Valley. It doesn’t quite fit in with my current furniture, but it’s very pretty and nicely built, with inlaid veneer and mother of pearl

Yup, more things found on the street. Well not on the street, exactly – these vases were in my laundromat with stray socks and used fabric softener sheets. And since no one ever leaves anything lying around in the laundromat unless the items are being given away (the Watchtower, for example), I assumed they were

Continuing my street finds streak, here are a few old-school children’s encyclopedias I found while out with Jake. These are way cooler than the encyclopedias I had when I was a kid, which I always resented because (1) my parents liked to tell me to look up answers to my questions instead of asking them,

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