Street books

Continuing my street finds streak, here are a few old-school children’s encyclopedias I found while out with Jake. These are way cooler than the encyclopedias I had when I was a kid, which I always resented because (1) my parents liked to tell me to look up answers to my questions instead of asking them, and (2) my mom repeatedly claimed that one of my cousins was so smart because she’d spent the entire summer after fourth grade reading each Encyclopedia Britannica volume. My parents finally gave the sets away a few years ago, my dad grumbling the entire time that he could have bought a Hasselblad with the money they’d spent on the books.

Anyway. This series was published in 1961. Each volume is really sweet, with charming illustrations and somewhat outdated information (the country Rhodesia has an entry). I don’t know what I’ll do with these. Part of me wants to make a collage with the illustrations, but another part of me wants to preserve these intact.

Or maybe I’ll just frame individual pages. You know, because I don’t have enough things on my walls.

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