It all started with Amelia’s apron. And then I signed up for Sonya’s dress class. But in between those two events, I became obsessed with this dress. So I bought the pattern and some fabric and got to sewing. I’ve written before about how much I loved wearing a uniform to school when I was […]

When Amelia showed up to one of our art group meetings wearing the perfect apron/smock, I knew I had to have one. When she told us that she’d made it herself, using just a yard of fabric and some bias tape, well, we told her she had to teach us how. You see, Amelia has

Here’s what I’m making with my Palmer Method linen. Using my best handwriting, I wrote out a few words (“stuff,” “notes,” “bag”) and made screens with them, too. I’m thinking that not all the bags will say “stuff” (or “bag”), but I like the cheekiness of the one-worders. I’ll add these to my etsy shop

I’ve been sewing zippered bags for Renegade. It’s fun and all, but it takes time to sew so many bags. Every once in a while, I want a quick, simple sewing project. I saw this project on Purl Bee called The Twenty Minute Tote last week and thought it would be a cinch. It was!

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