Here’s the second batch of sponsor paintings (you can see the first batch here). I sent all the sponsor paintings this weekend. I miss them already.  This project was such a good exercise for me. I had to work quickly, I had to develop new ideas (often variations on a theme) regularly, and I had […]

One of the benefits of taking an extended vacation was that I could spread my sightseeing out over days, giving me ample time to just sit and paint. Every day, I’d go out and visit museums or markets or walk along the coast, and every afternoon, I’d return to my apartment and paint. It became

I’ve been working on ideas for a new, limited-edition print. It can be difficult for me to conceptualize color from just a pencil sketch, so I’ve found painting an illustration before translating it into a silkscreen print incredibly helpful. Here’s an almost-final version of an illustration, rendered as gouache on paper, that will soon be

A new project – The Fashionista’s Alphabet! I’ve been thinking about this project since 2005, and I decided it was finally time to dive into it. My first couple of paintings (yes, paintings, not prints) are done in gouache. You can see them here. More letters to come!

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